Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions hero or hated man?

Some Detroit Lions fans claim to love him, while some claim to loathe him, either way Matthew Stafford influences every Lions fan emotions. This past Sunday perfectly summed up why fans feel the way they do, but it begs the question, do fans truly like Matthew Stafford?
Walking into Ford Field Sunday an unbiased fan would think Stafford is a beloved hero, number nine jersey after number nine jersey could be seen filing into the stands. Stafford received the loudest cheers, his face could not be shown without a roar from the crowd, but then the game commenced. Less than five minutes into the game, on Stafford first pass attempt, a pick six was thrown, and all the sudden his fan base disappeared. Those same number nine jersey wearing people, began to boo the NFL’s highest paid player. Another bad drive escalated the hate spewing from the fans, and it was safe to say very few people in the stands were happy with him.
The hatred being thrown at Stafford does not boil down to one moment, one game, or even one se
Source: Detroit Lions News

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