Eight NFL teams with the most to prove in 2017

All 32 NFL teams have a chip on their shoulder. No matter what sport, no matter what player, no matter how good or bad the team, there’s always some external reason to prove themselves.New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul decided that a writer saying the Giants caught a break was reason for motivation. The Alabama Crimson Tide put fabricated stories from “The National Media” on a bulletin board as proof that nobody believed they could win a national championship.It goes without saying at this point that some reasons for motivation are better than others.This list will examine eight NFL teams that don’t have to make up quotes or look for writers calling them lucky for motivation. These teams come into the season knowing that they have to prove themselves as contenders or re-evaluate their positions as franchises.For these teams, this year is a crossroads.If they contend, they’ll likely try to do so in the long term with their current cores. If not, it might be time to tear it down and star
Source: Detroit Lions News

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