Arizona Cardinals vs. Detroit Lions: Staff Picks

Aj Kajy: Cardinals: 27 Lions: 31
The Lions have a brutal first half of the season, and it sounds crazy but Sunday is vital to the success of the season. Arizona is filled with talent on both sides on the ball, and the win will not be easy. However, an improved offensive line, a healthy Abdullah, and a raucous Ford Field will lead the cardiac cats down the field for a late touchdown to seal the victory.
Michael Aloysius:
Cardinals: 17 Lions: 24
This is going to be a close game for the Lions. The Cardinals have a great defense that can get takeaways. Not to mention the Cardinals have outside linebacker Chandler Jones coming off the edge, causing havoc. Newly acquired right tackle Ricky Wagner is going to have his hands full keeping quarterback Matthew Stafford upright. Cornerback Darius Slay is going to have to lockdown veteran wideout Larry Fitzgerald, while safety Glover Quin and the rest of the Lions secondary is going to have to deal with the Cardinals speedy receivers.

If the Lions defense can co
Source: Detroit Lions News

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