2017 Fantasy Football Week 2 Rankings

2017 Fantasy Football Week 2 Rankings

It’s supposed to be fun. Well, when you play Fantasy Football, it’s just like life, there’s no guarantees. I prefer my best lineup against my opponent’s. I am left cold by wins because of misfortune on the other side. Commissioners have to deal with flustered owners who decide to ditch their teams and count their league fees as lost and forfeit.

That attitude will not do. Especially after just one week. It’s long season and more players will emerge on waivers for owners to pickup. That said, after what happened in Week 1, I’m starting to gain an interest in 10 team leagues again, so that owners who suffer a heavy loss don’t have to dig through the bone pile for guys like Orleans Darkwa. They should at least have hope and a decent replacement with a player who has an upside chance.

2017 Fantasy Football Week 2 Rankings

Apart from everything crashing and burning, some startling performances and rookie breakouts made Week 1 very interesting. Theme in Week 1 was “I’m a QB somebody.” Alex Smith, Trevor Siemian, Jared Goff, Sam Bradford – even DeShone Kizer had a decent and above level game.

Here’s a rundown:

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