$.10 After NFL Week 1

$.01—As is becoming customary, the biggest news in the NFL doesn’t have anything to do with the on-field product. Technically this one does as Ezekiel Elliott is now able to take the field for the Dallas Cowboys, but the bigger story is why the star running back was allowed to play.Elliott was supposed to be suspended for the first six games for allegations of domestic violence. Even though Elliott has denied the claims of his ex-girlfriend and he was never charged by police, the NFL found what it believed was sufficient evidence to the contrary. The six-game banishment was immediately—and correctly—decried as unduly excessive. That it happened with such a prominent young star on the league’s most visible team only exacerbated this perception.Elliott lawyered up, and the courts sided with him. A judge in suburban Dallas granted a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction throwing out the league-imposed suspension. From judge Mazzant’s public briefing comes this damning quote,”The que
Source: Detroit Lions News

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